Your home is a reflection of your personality. A space that makes you feel relaxed, comfortable and inspired.

It’s about creating an atmosphere. The functionality and the atmosphere are the most important things to get right. The fabrics, floor coverings, furniture, lighting and placement are the tools used to create that feeling.

“I really get to know my clients and what is important to them. The way they live their life, which rooms they use the most and their form and function. With working from home being so common today this is an integral part of the design.”

For as long as she can remember, Victoria has been passionate about beautiful spaces. Her love of colour, pattern, texture and use of layering have helped to create tailored, warm and eclectic spaces that you don’t want to leave.

As an Interior Decorator Victoria will discuss your project in depth listening to your ideas on colour, furniture, fixtures, fittings, lighting, use of space and special features. A presentation onto a mood board will be established on request after a visit to your space.

Victoria will consult on the following facets of design:
Colour Consultancy
> Commercial
> Residential
> Pre-Sale Property Styling
> Shopping Trips